Knowing The Difference Is Vital


You knew you loved your pet so much that you went to the effort of preparing home meals for it. You done a bit of research on what recipes to make to keep them up and running but did you consider the fact that there is a big difference from a natural dog food recipe to a healthy dog food recipe.  

You can pick and chose from any natural dog food recipe, it does not mean it is going to be totally healthy. Without doing proper research you could be doing more harm to your pet than good. Even though you are feeding your pet a natural dog food recipe you pet should be in better shape soon.

However, there are no guarantees to this statement, and you should follow instructions rather from your vet than from just anyone else regarding your natural dog food recipe.  Your vet should know your dog and guide you what is required in the diet for a healthier pet.

If your dog has special requirements regarding allergies and so forth then the vet would be able to let you know what not to put in the natural dog food recipe and what could help with the allergy too. Your vet will also make sure that you making a healthy dog food recipe for optimum health and well-being.  

Monitor Your Dog For Any Changes


As with any food on the market, we too are allergic to certain foods, your pet could also be allergic to some, none or most of these ingredients that are required in the natural dog food recipe. You would have to monitor your pet to see if they are having any allergic reactions from this newfound natural dog food recipe. You would also need to know what to do if something serious is wrong with your pet from you making the natural dog food recipe.  

Always keep your vets contact number close on hand if you have decided to go with a new diet, and remember you dog's stomach would also have to adjust to the ingredients in the recipes used.

If your pet's stomach is runny and slimy, dehydration could be setting in. Get the dog to the vet immediately, as they would put him on a drip to rehydrate. The food would need to be changed probably back to what is used to being eaten. The best thing you could do is just adding a multivitamin supplement to your pets original diet once he or she returns home from the vet.