A Guide To Homemade Dog Food

It is important to know what goes into your dog's mouth, and the best way to ensure this is to make the food at home. Lately, there have been many pet food recalls, and many pet owners are resorting to homemade dog food to make sure their pets get a healthy diet.

Canines have some specific nutrient requirements, and many veterinarians believe that homemade diet is best for your dog. It is however important that if your dog has been on the commercial food for a while, change is done slowly, so that digestive upsets can be avoided. It is a good idea to consult the veterinarian who will be able to guide you regarding nutritional needs of your pet.

Make sure that you don't feed bones to your dog, especially the cooked bones as fragments can easily become lodged in their digestive tract. Canines who live in the wild consume hide and hair as well, which can pad the fragments of bones and aid their passage through the digestive tract. Other foods that are best avoided for canines are avocados, chocolates, macadamia nuts, onions, raisins, garlic and grapes.

Some Homemade Dog Food Recipes

A good homemade dog food recipe is a doggy hamburger, and it can be made by using one cup hamburger meat, 1 tbsp canola oil, half cup plain cooked oatmeal, two chopped boiled eggs, 2 tbsp cottage cheese, one jar baby food green beans and one jar baby food carrots. Mix all the ingredients together and serve it at the room temperature. Add a good mineral/multivitamin supplement for your doggy to make it a complete diet. Refrigerate the unused portions in a covered container, and discard the leftovers after three days.

Another healthy homemade dog food recipe is doggy casserole. You need one cup boiled and chopped poultry, half cup cooked brown rice, 3-4 tbsp unsalted chicken broth and half cup boiled mixed vegetables. Boiled poultry can sometimes be replaced with Salmon. Stir together all the ingredients and serve at room temperature. Doggy mineral or multivitamin supplement can be added. Refrigerate any unused portion, and discard the leftovers after three days.

Doggy fish dinner is yet another healthy homemade dog food recipe that dogs will enjoy. You need a can of salmon, three tbsp cornmeal, one egg beaten, one carrot, one potato, one tbsp peanut butter and one stick of celery. Combine eggs, salmon and cornmeal, form into patties, and coat them with some more cornmeal. Fry these patties in little amounts of canola oil till they are brown on both sides. Chop these patties in small bites and stir together with boiled vegetables. For moisture, a spoonful of cottage cheese can be added if desired. Peanut butter can be given as a dessert after the dinner.