How to Create Healthy Dog Food Recipes

Whether you're looking for a vegetarian dog food recipe or a purely meat-based one, it's important to understand the fundamentals of a healthy dog food diet. A healthy dog food recipe should consist of mostly protein with the ten amino acids and some carbohydrates. You should also add more vitamins and minerals to the recipe with fruits and vegetables.

You can give your dog most vegetables and fruits but you should avoid onions, avocadoes, and mushrooms because they can cause health problems. You can make a healthy dog food recipe based off of a protein source like eggs, fish, lamb, beef, pork, chicken, pheasant, etc. Add a carbohydrate like oats, barley, wheat germ, or quinoa to the meat.

A healthy dog food recipe should be served at room temperature. Don't serve your dog food that is hot from the stove or cold from sitting in the refrigerator. Adult dogs only need one meal a day.

Examples of Healthy Dog Food Recipes

It might seem expensive to feed your dog home cooked food. It is certainly time-consuming but it doesn't have to be expensive. You don't have to give your dog prime cuts of meat. Chicken parts like veal, liver, and neck for example are very palatable for your dog and cheaper for you.

A healthy dog food recipe can consist of sautéed liver or different animal parts made into a stew with some vegetables and wheat germ added. You can also blend liver and mix it with honey, dried milk, and wheat germ and bake it in the oven to make liver cookies for your dog.

Instead of following a particular healthy dog food recipe, you can also just make a little more of the food you feed yourself and family to give to your dog. Human food with meat, vegetables, and grains is perfect for a dog. It contains the antioxidants that commercial dog food lacks and that your dog needs in order to maintain good health.

Wash all of the produce well that you feed your dog. You can cook the meats or you can feed them to your dog raw. Some pet owners swear up and down that a raw meat diet is the most natural diet for dogs. Make sure to seek variety when preparing food for your dog so your dog gets a wide array of nutrients from his food. Give your dog organic foods when possible and make sure he gets plenty of fresh, filtered water to drink.

Your goal? Take this information as a guide and use it to help you come up with healthy dog food recipes for your dear pet. You can help your dog live a healthier, happier life by giving him home cooked food. Remember to be creative and use a variety of ingredients in your dog's food so he gets plenty of nutrients.