The Holistic Approach To Dog Food


In today's society there are way too many things that are so-called free. If you are on the lookout for a free dog food recipe, please be very careful by reading the ingredients contained in it. It might be a free dog food recipe for disaster for you dog, as not every dog has the same needs due to their size, breed and age. Also make sure that this free dog food recipe does not contain preservatives, which could harm the dog just as much as the recipe itself. It would be safer just to go to the vet and ask them if they have a free dog food recipe for you. You will know then that it has been formulated according to your dog  

By going the route of using a natural dog food recipe, you would still need to know what ingredients to put in their meals. The point of any free dog food recipe, holistic or natural for dogs, is that everything is fresh and raw. No preservatives are added. The only thing that may be added to any free dog food recipe or any natural dog food recipe, is a multivitamin to their diet to supplement it.  

When getting anything for free, especially the free dog food recipe, if it calls for bones in the recipe do not use it unless it says bone meal. Bone meal is bones finely ground that it cannot splinter in your favorite pets stomach and cause you and your pet stress if it had to be surgically removed, or if you pet died.  

It is important to have a pet, as apparently it brings calmness to your mind just stroking a dog. There are plenty countries, which use dog therapy for people with, stress, to help them distress, or in hospitals for people who need this type of therapy. The dogs used here need to be in good condition and healthy.  

Unconditional Love


Just as the diet of the dog is important, it is important to interact with your pet. Don't let him or her just be there. They too need love and care, and if they don't get it they will just deteriorate as any other human would.

Their survival instincts would kick in a lot faster if they are mistreated, but will still be to a degree obedient just in order to get some food if they are trapped and cannot find any of their own. The first thing to notice on any healthy happy dog is it's coat that shines and it tail that wags profusely when it sees you.