Choose Right With A Dry Dog Food Comparison

All pet owners now think twice about what dog foods they buy for their beloved pets. The scare of contaminated dog food has made us all think twice about the food we feed our pets. While some people have opted to start feeding their pets 'home made' dog food, not all of us have the time to do this. If you would like to keep feeding your dog dry food but would like a dry dog food comparison to help you choose the best dog food then keeping reading!

The Merits Of High End Food

A dog food nutrition comparison shows almost immediately that not all dry dog foods are created equally. A comparison of cheap dry dog food and more expensive brands reveals that the more expensive brands win on the nutrition front. Many cheaper brands contain soy that is actually bad for dogs and can actually cause skin allergies.

Petcurean GO Natural Grain Free Canine fared favorably in dry dog food comparisons. As the name suggests it is completely grain free and the first four ingredients are meats. This dog food contained 42% crude protein, a consistent figure in higher end dry dog food comparisons. However this dog food is best suited for adult dogs as it has high protein content.

Puppies require special dry food formulated specially for young dogs. In dry dog food comparisons Artemis Fresh Mix Medium/Large Breed Puppy formula is a featured brand. The carbohydrates in this dry food come from rice and barley, both safe sources of starch for dogs. The first four ingredients of this dog food are named meats, indicating a high content of meat. There are no grains, fillers, or other cheap substitutes for meat in this dry food.

Research into dry dog food comparisons shows that tapioca is a good source of starch as opposed to potatoes for dogs suffering from arthritis. Nature's Variety Instinct line is another high quality dog food that did well in dry dog food comparisons. It is also a very popular brand.

This brand of dog food has no grains and has high meat content, important for large breeds of dog. It also contains Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids. While Omega fatty acids are not recognized as necessary to a dog's daily requirement some people believe it is essential for the cultivation of a healthy coat. This dog food has a good balance of fruits and vegetables and also contains probiotics essential for good digestion.