Caring For Man's Best Friend


Most people love having some form of pet around their home, be it a fish, bird, cat or just man's best friend - the dog. As with owning any pet there is responsibility that goes with it. Fish and birds need to be fed if contained, as they cannot just wander off and go find their own food. Cats can easily find their own food. Dogs however faithful can still starve due to being mistreated or not being fed, to the degree that they would eat stones just to fill their bellies.  

When owning a dog, it would be nice to see you getting undivided loyal attention and unconditional love. Your best friend would do tricks for you just to get his or her supper, just to impress you and show their loyalty.  

As with healthy environment so the dog food also plays a major role in their well-being. When purchasing dog food you too need to know what ingredients to look for in the dog food recipe from the list on the tin or bag.

You could also make your own dog food recipe if your dog does not like any tinned food, or even just to save on money sometimes. By having your own dog food recipe you would need to know what is the base of the meal, being mostly rice and or cereal. As with any dog food your homemade dog food recipe might not go down as well with your pet as expected. There is obviously something missing in the dog food recipe.  

Spoilage For You Is Not Spoilage For Your Pet


Since most dogs love chicken, and is usually given as a treat, it is important also to know that adding bones into your dog food recipe could lead to problems too. Bones however they may seem healthy for your dog to chew on can splinter in the stomach, so it is wiser not to add them to your dog food recipe, but give them rawhide instead to chew on.  

Just as it is important to know what to put in your dog food recipe it is more important to know what not to. Certain human foods are not healthy for dogs especially onion. There is quite a list of what dogs should not be given, even if they take if from you it would only be done out of loyalty, not because they do not know what is and what is not good for them.  

Just as every human likes a treat, most people chose chocolate as spoilage, this is one treat you should never give your dog.