The Importance Of Dog Food Nutrition Comparison

Feeding your dog the right dog food is very important to ensuring your pet's health. Having a dog food nutrition comparison is handy because it allows you to see just what you're buying and what you're dog is getting when you lug that pack of dog food home. Many health problems and even behavioral problems can be solved with a simple switch to a better quality food. It might seem too good to be true but in many cases improving your dog's diet can result in a better behaved and happier dog.

Reading The Label

Making a dog food nutrition comparison on your own is pretty easy; it involves reading the label of dog food available in your supermarket. However it can be a little difficult to start your dry and canned dog food comparison. The labels can sometimes be confusing and if you don't know what you're looking for you can easily pick up a dog food that is no good for your dog.

The first three ingredients are very important when making a dog food nutrition comparison. The first three ingredients indicate what the dog food is principally composed of. Ideally the first three ingredients should be a named meat, and some form of non grain starch. Rice, tapioca, ground grain sorghum, and potatoes are all good sources of carbohydrates. Watch out for corn meal, soy, and wheat.

Another thing to watch out for when making a dog food nutrition comparison is the chemicals and preservatives in the food. Many chemicals are harmful and sometimes preservatives either banned or strictly controlled in human food is found in pet food.

A dog food nutrition comparison shows that good quality dog food should not contain any dyes. Mixed Tocopherols are an accepted natural preservative, anything else is harmful. Ground meal is an indication of poor protein sources and this is usually found in cheaper dog foods.

Now that you know what should be avoided in a dog food nutrition comparison you should know what to look out for. Antioxidants are great for keeping your dog healthy, grape seed extract is a good source of antioxidants. Probiotics can help a dog's digestive and immune system.

Vegetables are also important for a dog's well being, as well as minerals. Read the labels carefully when making a dog food nutrition comparison and you will soon see that some brands are much better than others. Avoid cheap brands that contain soy, wheat, and animal by products.