Kibble Or Canned: A Canned Dog Food Comparison

Choosing kibble for your dog seems like the most convenient way to feed your dog however it may not be the best source of nutrition for your dog. Canned dog food has several advantages over dry dog food, one is the lack of preservative and food dyes. Both preservatives and food coloring have been known to cause problems for dogs. Grains are commonly found in dry food but can also cause health problems for dogs.

Canned dog food has the advantage of containing much less grain or no grain at all. One drawback however is that canned food will spoil faster when left opened at room temperature. However not all canned dog food is equal, some brands are better than others and a canned dog food comparison will help you to choose the right one for your dog.

The Right Canned Foods

A canned dog food comparison will show that the difference between various dog foods is the quality and percentage of meat in the different brands. Artemis canned food for dogs is a great source of protein for your pets. The meat in this dog food is human grade and contains no preservatives, bleach, or food coloring. This brand can be fed to dogs at all stages of life.

Food Allergies

Sometimes having a dog can be just as difficult as having a child. Some dogs have mild food allergies while others have severe food allergies. If you make canned dog food comparisons you will see that some foods are specially formulated for dogs with allergies while others may not have been made specifically for dogs with allergies but will do well for a dog that is allergic to conventional protein sources.

When you want to choose a canned food for your dog with allergies then make a canned dog food comparison of exotic protein sources. A canned dog food comparison of food suitable for a dog with allergies should leave you with brands that have few ingredients. Natural Balance and Addiction both produce canned food lines suitable for dogs with allergies.

Your dog may take some time adjusting to new food but slowly introducing new food will help the transition. Choosing high quality canned food for your dog generally means your dog will have tasty food and should have no problems eating the new food. However if your dog does not seem enthusiastic then take the slow approach to introducing a new brand or type of food.