A Guide to the Best Puppy Dog Food

If you've just brought home a new puppy, you probably can't contain your excitement. However, before marching off to the supermarket to buy a big bag of commercial dog food, you should explore your options. Commercial dog food is laden with artificial ingredients and toxins that can be harmful to your puppy's health.

The best puppy dog food is raw, unprocessed, or home cooked food. Commercial dog food, particularly dry food, lacks nutrients and is made of cheap ingredients that fill your dog up with empty calories.

The best puppy dog food should be supplemented with essential nutrients and enzymes that support proper digestion and elimination as well as strengthen the immune system. Puppies have problems with diarrhea either due to early weaning or a nervous reaction to their new surroundings. You can give your puppy a probiotic to cure his diarrhea.

Raw Foods Diet

A raw foods diet consists of giving your puppy raw or lightly cooked pieces of meat. Some raw food proponents also give their dog fruits and vegetables because they claim that in the wild, dogs eat fruits and vegetables in addition to meat.

Some pet owners swear up and down that raw food is the best puppy dog food but it's up to each owner to decide. Raw food is protein-packed and full of enzymes and nutrients in an unaltered state. If you buy organic meat it is very healthy but it can also be expensive. You also have to take into consideration that meat can be contaminated with bacteria and cause food-borne illnesses.

To decide whether a raw foods diet is the best puppy dog food for your pup, visit a breeder that feeds his dogs the raw food diet. See for yourself how healthy the dogs look by judging whether the raw foods diet is beneficial to the dog's coat, overall appearance, and teeth and gums.

You can also prepare your dog's meals from scratch. By doing so you will know exactly what goes into the food. The best dog food recipe for home cooked dog food is a big meaty stew. However, making home cooked dog food can be very time consuming and it takes an organized person to be able to do the meal planning that it requires.

Make no mistake about. The best puppy dog food is all natural and unprocessed. It's up to you if you want to cook your puppy's food or serve him raw meat and bones but you should remember that commercial dog food is laden with artificial ingredients and lacks the nutrients necessary for your puppy to grow into a healthy, happy dog.