Tips on Finding the Best Dog Food Recipe

Let's face it. Commercial dog food is laden with chemical ingredients and toxins that are harmful to your dog. If you want a healthy, happy pet, it's necessary to use the best dog food recipe and make your dog home cooked meals.

Making home cooked meals for your dog may seem like a hassle but if the health of your dog is important to you, you need to give it a try. After the dog food recall of 2007, many pet owners are questioning the commercial dog food industry.

Most commercial dog food is packed with carbohydrates because they are cheap. However, too much carbohydrate intake is not good for your dog. The best dog food recipe will consist of protein that contains the ten amino acids. Commercial dog foods are based of corn, which only contains four of the amino acids.

Many years ago it was believed that dogs were carnivores but many dogs fell ill after eating an all-meat diet so it was concluded that dogs were actually omnivores. The best dog food recipe should consist of both meat and plant-based foods to meet the requirements of a healthy omnivore's meal.

The Best Dog Food Diet

At this time, the best dog food recipe is meat based with a good source of protein like egg whites, chicken, beef, lamb, or fish. This protein is combined with a carbohydrate such as soy, oats, barley, wheat, corn, or rice. Vegetables should also be incorporated into the meal to provide essential vitamins and minerals.

When you prepare home cooked food for your dog, it's good to experiment with a wide array of foods so your dog gets plenty of different nutrients. Avoid foods such as raisins, chocolate, onions, macadamia nuts, avocados, and mushrooms, which can cause serious health problems for your dog.

Ask your veterinarian about the best dog food recipe for your particular dog because different breeds have different requirements. An example of one of the best dog food recipes consists of a mix of canned salmon, beaten egg, corn meal, carrot, celery, and peanut butter made into patties and fried in a little bit of canola oil. This recipe provides your dog with the perfect balances of nutrients.

So there you have it. No single recipe is the best dog food recipe for all dogs. Talk to your veterinarian about your dog's particular needs. Don't be afraid to experiment with different ingredients and foods to make sure your dog is getting a wide array of nutrients in his meals.