Is There Such A Thing As A Free Divorce?

Couples that have determined that the only recourse they have is to divorce are often unsure of where to go or what to do. For many, the thought of having to hire attorneys to work out the end of their marriage, adds a financial strain to the already burdened relationship. So many seek a way to find a free divorce.

What A Free Divorce Involves

A free divorce is possible if, both parties are in complete agreement to the divorce and all of the specifics that will go along with the divorce. Many couples are unable to come to this type of agreement and need the assistance of either attorneys or of a mediator. A free divorce works when both parties agree ton how to divide property and there are no disagreements in determining what goes to whom.

A free divorce can be obtained by getting free legal documents, by downloading or finding locations that have the proper forms. By going on line to discover what the individual state laws are, a person can obtain a divorce by filling out the paperwork and then filing it with the courts. There may be a small fee involved in the filing of the paperwork; again this is a state-to-state difference that needs to be discovered when researching a divorce in your state.

In order to begin to evaluate whether or not a situation can be dissolved through a free divorce, certain things must be considered. The first involves whether or not children are involved in the marriage. When there are children many times the biggest disputes involve custody arrangements. If these cannot be agreed upon, a free divorce is unlikely.

A free divorce is also unlikely to occur if the partners cannot agree on financial circumstances. Many times, one partner wants to keep the house and must then "buy out" the other from the house. For some couples this can become another battle that is impossible to work out. If there is going to be a financial disagreement, a free divorce is not going to be an option.

If a free divorce is not possible, a mediator can be a more cost effective choice than a lawyer. Again, with a mediator, both parties should be in agreement to most of the property separation and child custody arrangement.

A free divorce is possible, and can be done by checking into individual states requirements and finding the proper forms. The Internet is a great resource with many sites that can assist in the research into divorces, and what is required state to state.