Effects Of Divorce On Children Depend On Parental Attitude

There is no disputing the fact that are always going to effects of divorce on children no matter how indifferent the youngsters may appear. In some families, if the parents were constantly fighting and arguing in front of the children, providing a hostile atmosphere in the household, the effects of divorce on children in this case may actually be beneficial, but overall, the extent to which the children progress beyond the divorce will largely depend on the attitude and actions of the custodial parent.

Many times following a divorce, regardless of which parent may have caused the break up, children are exposed to the emotions of the custodial parent and often, no matter how hard to may claim differently, end up taking sides in a divorce, especially in a contested and often heated divorce. Some of the effects of divorce on children are a direct result on how well the parents react to the divorce proceedings and any arguments that spill from the courtroom back to the home in which the children live.

The effects of divorce on children can be especially detrimental if custody is order by the court to parent with whom the children may not be especially fond. While family courts generally make their rulings based on what is best for the children, their sometimes questionable decisions may not consider the desires of the children.

Outside Influences Can Have Detrimental Effects

In the past, the effects of divorce on children were not limited to anything that may happen in their homes or between their parents. There was often a public stigma that also was detrimental to the children's well-being. They would see people whispering behind their backs and often offering solace to the children, believing them to be troubled because their parents were now divorced.

How civil a couple remains to each other following a divorce will reduce any negative effects of divorce on children, as they can see how, even though their parents are no longer married, there is no reason for hatred. While some parents go to a lot of trouble to insure the children do not hate the non-custodial parents, others will lie about what the other parent may have said or done, increasing the negative effects of divorce on children.

As long as the parents remember that they are now divorced because of their own issues and those issues do not involve the kids, the effects of divorce on children can be minimized. Their relationship with both parents need continuous growth, and the parents need to remember that although they are no longer husband and wife, they are still moms and dads.