Why Many Young Couples Opt To Divorce Their Spouses

A lot of young couples today separate ways after just a short time. In most cases, the reason given in court is irreconcilable differences. Although there really are cases where the couples eventually find out that they do not belong to each other, many young people who get divorced actually have deeper problems in their relationship than they would care to admit.


One of the most common causes of divorce among young people in the country today is infidelity. Since there are so many people who are available and do not really care if they hurt somebody, it is not unusual for a married man or woman to have an affair during their marriage. Unfortunately, most of the time, these extra marital affairs ruin the marriage. Once the wife or the husband finds out that his or her partner had been unfaithful, it is always very difficult to restore trust to that person. The lack of trust and confidence between the spouses can lead to several other difficult situations that they end up getting a divorce.

Cruel Treatment Of Spouse

Even though we now live in modern and civilized world, domestic violence is still very much present in the home. A lot of wives and even husbands get battered everyday and many of them end up in the emergency room. Aside from physical abuse, thousand of women and men suffer from emotional abuse from their partners. Since the cruel treatment of one spouse to another is something that should never be tolerated, a lot of married men and women opt to get a divorce and get out of the cruel situation.

Technically, divorce is the better option in cases of domestic violence. In most cases, the cruel treatments do not really stop after one incident. More often than not, the cruel treatment escalates until it becomes too much for the battered spouse to handle. When this happens, the danger of killing or getting killed during a violent altercation is so real that it is better for the spouses to get a divorce and separate ways.

Financial Difficulties

Although husbands and wives did pledge to stay together "for richer or for poor" when they got married, it is not uncommon for divorces to occur when the couple hits financial difficulties. Fighting over money is a very common occurrence in the many homes. In many cases, the fighting becomes so intense that one or both of the spouses would want to get a divorce and get out the home.