Divorce Support Groups Offer Shoulder To Cry On

When a couple goes through a divorce, it is not uncommon for feelings of anxiety and depression to settle in, usually following the stages of surprise and anger. There are many divorce support groups that can offer help during and after the process, to help the divorced party deal with the drastic change in their life. Typically, the one filing for divorce is not the one needing divorce support, but the other party may be taken by surprise and need some help coping with their loss.

For many, a divorce is similar to having their spouse pass away and they will go through a grieving stage, much like that of a person whose spouse has died. Dealing with the sudden loss of companionship and the prospect of living on their own can be a devastating experience and divorce support can offer a shoulder for them to lean on during the transition.

Additionally, there may be some financial considerations that divorce support groups can offer, directing the injured party to agencies that can help them in their time of need. While many of the divorce support groups are sponsored by religious groups, their purpose to provide moral support and not judge either party in a divorce.

Family Is Often First Line Of Support

For most couples going through a divorce, their immediate family can generally provide some divorce support to help them through the initial stages of this life changing experience. There will be however, some issues that the person may not feel comfortable talking about with families. Most divorce support groups have counselors to help the person understand the emotions they are experiencing as well as helping them cope with the roller-coaster of feeling they will experience.

It is often better to have an understanding of certain feelings before they are experienced rather than have them explained during a bad period in their life. Counselors can prepare a newly divorced person for the feelings to hit before them become obvious. Non-religious divorce support groups often include gatherings where divorced persons can meet others going through the same experience. Talking with others and realizing there are more than just one person feeling the same things can help them cope with their emotions.

Often times, new relationships can be formed when participating in divorce support sessions, but caution is always recommended as both parties have recently lost something they believed was special. Connecting with someone on an emotional level as part of a divorce support group, can bring two people together who are both victims of failed marriages.