Why Divorce Statistics In The Country Are On The Rise

Divorce has become a very common thing among Americans for many years. A lot of people think that divorce is the final solution to their relationship problems. Since many people want to get out of the relationship when things get tough, the divorce statistics in the country have soared for the last ten years.

Although there are many factors that contribute to the rising divorce statistics in the country, many observers believe that the fast paced life of most people are to blame for this phenomenon. Since people do not have time to nurture their relationships and they cannot be bothered to work things out with their partners, they would choose to avoid conflict by getting out of the relationship. According to many marriage counselors, couples are too busy to find solutions to their marital problems nowadays that in most cases, they just mutually agree to live their own separate lives and move on without the other.

Impact Of High Divorce Statistics On Women

According to studies, women are more likely to suffer from the effects of rising divorce statistics as compared to men. Studies show that women often bear the financial consequences of a divorce. A lot of women quit their jobs when they get married and have children. After staying in the home for sometime, these women fall behind their counterparts when it comes to career development. In fact, a lot of middle-aged women who are forced to go back into the workforce after a divorce find it hard to land a descent job because they lack the necessary expertise. Note that very few stay at home moms keep abreast with the use of technology while taking care of the kids and the home that they end up ill equipped to handle office work. What is really sad is that most of these women do not even have enough confidence in themselves to assert their right to equal employment that they end up working in menial jobs.

Aside from the financial impact of high divorce statistics on women, the high divorce statistics is also to blame for the poor quality of life of many women in the country today. Studies show that women are generally slower at recovering from a divorce. While there are some women who bounce back easily after a divorce, most women take months or even years to recover from a divorce and go on with their lives. The recovery from the divorce is especially slow for women who have been homemakers for so long.