Divorce Rates In The US Are High And Not Showing Signs Of Coming Down

For some reason, divorce rates in America are as high as fifty percent and it could be attributed to the many more new challenges that couples who are part of modern society need to face, which are far removed from what earlier generations had to put up with. There were different parameters to contend with in those earlier times such as fighting overseas, following a full-time career path and also raising children who would turn out to be stable and sober that previous generations were concerned about. There is however no denying the fact that, today divorce rates in America vary from one part of the country to the other, though their numbers continues to alarm as they are indeed quite staggering.

Concerted Efforts Are Still Needed

There has been some concerted efforts put in by concerned authorities in a bid to bring the divorce rates down, and some have yielded positive results and in an effort to bring divorce rates under control, even religious groups are taking a stand against such happenings, and are even extending helping hands to people who are married and whose marriages have run into turbulent weather. Thus, young couples today are becoming interested in getting to know how to prevent their marriages from floundering by learning the meaning behind their marriage vows in an effort to prevent a marriage from breaking up later on.

What's more, things such as premarital education can help young people in understanding relationships and even getting advice on how the challenges of marriage can be faced without leading to divorce are bound to prove their worth, and consequently should help in bringing down divorce rates. In fact, such means of preventing divorce have already proved them successful and it is evidenced by the fact that there is at least thirty percent less chance of divorcing after having been properly educated in this regard.

The year 2004 saw results from a study being published by National Press Club which enumerated on the ways in which divorce rates in America could be ameliorated and among the beneficial programs in this regard was Community Marriage Policy that encouraged the clergy to help provide couples with advice on how marriages could be enriched and enhanced rather than let marriages stumble and fall on the rocks of choppy divorce waters.

No doubt, such efforts are laudable, and if properly acted on, can help reduce divorce rates, though at the moment it seems that there is no checking the high divorce rates that seem to be only moving upward though the distribution of such divorces are different from region to region with the South having especially high rates while the North East has lower rates, and Massachusetts having the lowest rates of divorce as of 2004.