Experts Blame Rising Divorce Rates On The Breakdown Of Family Values

The divorce rate in the United States had steadily climbed up the charts for the last several years. According to statistics, about 3.6 out of every 1,000 families go through divorce each year. Experts believe the breakdown of family values has caused the swelling number of divorces in the country. Since many families are no longer as close as they used to be in the past, many of the family members treat each other like strangers. Without the strong bond between family members, the family system slowly disintegrates leaving the family members confused and angry.

As the riff in the family widens, the couple usually feel that they can no longer live with each other happily. They simply quit working to make their marriage work thus they opt for divorce. Since divorce is the easy way out and people usually look for quick fixes for difficult situations, the divorce rates in this country continue to rise year after year. Without strong efforts to uphold family values, experts believe that the rise of divorce rates in the country will continue.

Faith And The Rising Divorce Rate

According to studies, although there is also a rise in divorce rate among families that belong to churches and religious groups, the rate of divorce among these people is considerable lower than those who do not belong to any church or religious organizations. Studies show that people who are closely identified with their church often have more stable relationship with their families compared to those people who are not active church members. Experts believe that the sense of belongingness in a church or religious congregation helps maintain the stability of families in the country. Furthermore, the strong support system of churches help a lot in resolving family conflicts and help the couple improve their relationship with each other.

Although the divorce rate of people who are members of churches or religious congregations are considerable lower compared to those people who do not belong to churches or religious organizations, many people express alarm on the way these couple behave during and after the divorce. Many church members express their sadness over the fact that the breakdown in the relationships between couples who are members of the congregation often lead these people to leave the church as well. Often times, the couples have to leave their church because they find it too painful to see each other during church service and other community activities.