How To Create A Positive Impression In A Divorce Court When Seeking Custody Of Your Children

Although most divorce courts prefer to give primary custody of the children to their mothers, this does not really mean that as a mother, you will automatically be awarded custody of your children. Divorce courts are very observant and will take any wrong moves on the part of part of the person seeking custody of the children against him or her. To help you convince the divorce court that you are more capable of taking care of your children compared to your spouse, here are some tips for you.

Dressing For The Hearing

Dress conservatively when you go to divorce court. Forget about those mini skirts and those platform shoes. There things may look great when you go to the mall or hang out with friends in the bar but this could make you appear trashy in a court room. Instead of wearing sexy clothes, go for a conservative suit or dress paired with sensible shoes.

Do not wear large jewelry or too much make-up. Always remember that you are going to a divorce court not out on the town so tone down that make-up and leave those large hoop earrings inside your dresser drawers.

Leave The Boyfriend Outside The Divorce Court

Bringing your new boyfriend into divorce court is a total no-no. Do not upset your kids by showing up with some guy that they do not know. Be considerate about the feelings of your children. Note that they too are going through a difficult time with the divorce and all. A new boyfriend will complicate things even further for them. Once your children are distressed, they may not really want to stay with you at all. Note that the opinions of you older children can influence the divorce court against giving you custody of your children. Besides, divorce court is not the right place for you to flaunt to your ex-spouse that you already found someone to take his place.

Do Not Be Emotional

Although divorce and custody battles can be very difficult, try not to be overly emotional about it especially when you are in the presence of the divorce court judge. The judge has seen so many hysterical people in divorce court before and that does not make them sympathetic to the situation. Check those negative emotions and focus your attention to the legal aspects of the case. Note that you will be able to fight for your rights better if you keep your cool.