Children Of Divorce: What To Expect

Although divorce may seem to be so common these days that we as a society almost expect it, children are still traumatized by this. Many parents, who have decided to divorce, know that this will be a difficult time not only for themselves but also their children. Parents want to make this transition for their children as easy as possible and are looking for ways to help their children during this critical time.

How To Help Children Of Divorce

For many children the fact that their parents are divorcing leaves them sad and confused. Children of divorce are often scared and feel their security is threatened when their parents divorce. Children of divorce need to be reassured that they are safe and still important to both parents.

Children of divorce are often left out of the loop when a divorce is happening. Parents want to protect their children and often don't want to tell them about the divorce until it is almost the last minute. Children of divorce need to know what is going on. They don't need all of the details about the divorce, but they need to be aware that this is going to happen.

During this difficult period, children of divorce need to be reassured that they are loved and that both parents are there for them. Children of divorce often feel that they are somehow responsible for this action and need to be told that this has nothing to do with them. Make sure they understand that this is painful for everyone, but they are not the cause of the divorce or in any way responsible.

Parents should also pay attention to any warning signs that may be exhibited by their children during a divorce. Be aware of how they are behaving in school and with their friends. Make sure to always be available to listen to their concerns and watch for illnesses that can occur due to stress.

Children of divorce are not always scarred by the situation. If both parents take an active role in being present in their lives, and letting them know that they are loved and wanted by their parents, children of divorce can have healthy self-esteem and confidence. All children need to be secure and feel good about themselves; children of divorce are not any different. Make it a priority to help your child during this difficult time, stay in contact, make an effort to be present for them and they will continue to thrive.