Top Three Causes Of Divorce

They say that breaking up is hard to do but breaking away from a marriage by going through a divorce is even harder since it may involve children who are innocent and in need of a stable support system or structure that would guide them as they grow up. And because of divorce, many couples were disillusioned into finding their real love and family that they have been dreaming of that would support and love them as they grow old and love and cherish in return.

But when you come to think of it, besides the stigma of many couples who are breaking up and having to go through the divorce and leaving their families, how come they would like to still take this option? What drives them to the edge and what are the real causes of divorce that we, behind closed doors, could not see. Here are the top causes of divorce that has been known through the years to plague marriages that shatters their dreams of a happy family.

Top Reasons

One of the main top causes of divorce according to the recent study that was made by Creighton University Center for Marriage and Family is time. When we think of marriage, we ultimately assume that we and our partner are going to have the best quality times ever and think that the spark would never go away. But the reality is, we all have to go to work or either of us has to and there were moments when one of us would like to spend more time in the office or relax all alone, without the other or spend more time with friends.

Another top cause of divorce is money and some people may not understand the concept of two people who are in love but fighting about money but it happens and it will happen once that you are married. Each of us have their own way of handling money and remember, once that you are married, you have to share that kind of responsibility and clashes come in when one would like saving while the other would rather spend. Or that, you may think that you are ready when it comes to getting married and settling down, but in the long run, you will find out that the two of you are not yet ready to handle such finances when it comes to building a family.

Lastly, another top cause of divorce is sex because sexual compatibility is very important when it comes to being intimate with your partner. Also, you may think that you will get loads of it once that you become married but reality sets in and you will find out that there are a lot of things to think about that lead you to have no time for it.