Creative and Handy: Small Compact Digital Cameras

There are many different compact digital cameras with top ratings on the market today, so the choice of camera depends on the features and price that the individual wants to pay. Small compact digital cameras are great gifts for others, as well as a handy way to keep track of memories, since they are able to stay with an individual at all times in a purse, pocket or briefcase. In addition to great picture taking capabilities, small compact digital cameras also usually have a movie making mode in which a person can at least record video clips with sound for viewing later or uploading to the web.


When choosing a small compact digital camera, there are certain features that should be required so that the individual can fully enjoy the camera and not get frustrated in the long run. The first feature is that the camera should have over six megapixels, otherwise the pictures will come out grainy or unfocused when uploaded or when trying to modify them in any way. A solid small compact digital camera should have about ten megapixels to allow for modifications and still be in a moderate price range of between one hundred to two hundred dollars.

Another feature that is useful for a small compact digital camera to have is a removable memory card. This is important because if the individual is out and about taking pictures and the memory card gets filled up, the individual can remove that one and replace it with a spare, thus allowing all pictures to be saved. If the memory card is internal then the individual has to be able to upload and store the pictures somewhere before emptying the memory card to take more pictures. This can be frustrating when there is not a computer handy to do so, forcing the individual to choose to erase previously taken pictures on the camera, or to forego any new pictures for that day.

There are some small compact digital cameras that have great zoom features, allowing a ten times optical zoom and a twenty-five times digital zoom. This allows individuals to take pictures at different sporting events or in nature without having to be up close to the subject of the photo. In addition, there are some cameras with a telephoto option for taking landscape shots, as well as facial recognition software that allows the small compact digital camera to better focus on faces and catch people when they are smiling.