Different Options in Digital Video Security Camera

With technology getting less expensive for cameras according to digital video camera reviews, there are different uses that are considered more common today than in the past for these cameras. One of these features is the digital video security camera which can be used to monitor a home or office, helping to prevent a break-in. There are different types of digital video security cameras, some of which can be monitored from anywhere that there is an internet connection. Others are on a closed circuit so that they could only be monitored from inside the building, which is actually an older style of security system which is not used as often today.

Types of Systems

Digital video security cameras can be made from the camera that attaches to a laptop or other home computer. These cameras often come with the software that allows individuals to place the camera in a certain position to view a particular room and hook it to the computer. This type of digital video security camera can only view one room at a time since it has to be connected to a computer at all times to work. These cameras will often send the individual an email if there is motion detected in that particular room so that the individual an get the notice on their mobile device and check in on the system to see what is happening.

A better system which is more common today in digital video security cameras is the IP camera. This type of system can be set up all over a building or home so that there are cameras monitoring all parts at a time. These cameras can all feed into one IP so that the recordings can be viewed from any computer that has internet access. This is convenient since it does not constrict the cameras to be attached to one computer, which radically limits the space that can be monitored. Instead, the clips all feed into one IP, which allows individuals to go to that site address and pull up the video at any point in time, no matter where they are. This is increasingly available with many phones and other mobile devices being internet capable.

There are different types of digital video security cameras that can deliver better or lesser quality of picture. Some of these only record in black and white while others record in color. There are others that are attached to a microphone as well so that sound recordings as well as video information can be recorded.