Creating a Work of Art: Digital Video Camera Software

Although those who just want a digital video camera for security do not require it, digital video camera software is a fun addition to any other digital video camera experience, since it helps individuals to take the clips that they shot of the family vacation or sporting event and pull it all together into a nice family movie. It is also useful for those who use video professionally, and there are many different advanced features available for movie making with digital video camera software.


One of the frustrations with the old video cameras before they were digital is that one tape might include a birthday, a holiday and a vacation, making it difficult to find and edit the recording for future use. Individuals would spend hours finding the correct clip on the video camera and then recording it onto a VHS tape labeled for the specific occasion. Digital video camera software eliminates this cumbersome task and makes it very easy on the individual doing the editing. Although there are some programs that are difficult to learn, there are beginner programs out there that walk individuals through the process step by step.

One of the features that make the process easy is that there is a story board feature that allows individuals to see the different clips that they have taken and choose the ones that they want to work with. That allows all of the birthdays to be compiled into one movie file, or all of the Caribbean vacation to be on one movie clip. The story board makes it easy to drag and drop clips into their appropriate places without having to start over again.

Another feature of certain digital video camera software is the ability to fade into and out of clips, as well as do other types of entry and exiting from the clips. There is also the ability to add titles and captions to different pieces of the videos as well as edit certain clips so that footage that is not critical can be cut out, or the best 'take' can be used. It is also possible to add soundtracks to video that does not have a lot of sound of its own, creating excitement in the video through the digital video camera software. There are also different transitions that can be used in the midst of the video to create the perfect look for almost any footage.