Considering Your Options: Digital Video Camera Review

For those who are considering buying a kids digital video recorder or one that is for vacations or home movies, a digital video camera review can be considerably helpful in making an informed decision about the cameras on the market today. There are certain features that should be on any camera that is chosen, regardless of price, and these digital video camera reviews will point those out as well as which cameras typically give the individual the best deal for their money. For those who are budget digital video camera buyers, they should expect to pay anywhere from three hundred fifty to six hundred dollars for a budget camera that will still give them quality output. For those who are interested in quality home movies or vacation videos, they should expect to pay anywhere from four hundred to fifteen hundred dollars on a camera that meets their needs according to digital video camera reviews.

Home Movies and Vacations

For those interested in a camera for home videos or vacations, digital video camera reviews promote certain qualities about the lens and sensor so that the quality is higher than other cameras. The lens should have a zoom that is operated by a switch or by the lens ring and should give at least a ten times the original image in zoom capability. In addition, there should be either an electronic or an optical image stabilization capability so that the camera does not have to be held quite as steady in order to get a prime video shot. The sensor should have over a six megapixel video resolution so that the images can be edited with the digital video software without losing quality while doing so.

Digital video camera reviews also promote having the camera have a seven lux or lower illumination rating so that the lighting does not affect the quality of video quite as much. There should also be a variety of recording formats available on the camera so that it can be used for different purposes, such as a MiniDV, mini DVD-R, or a SD card. There should be plenty of different ports and connectors for various other features and attachments, such as a microphone and headphone jack, an S-Video port, a USB 2.0 port, A/V port and a FireWire.

In addition to these features, digital video camera reviews also say that there should be a backlight mode and a low light mode so that lighting does not get in the way of the picture quality, creating glares. There should be other programmed scene modes for variations in shooting the video as well as an automatic exposure control. The viewfinder should be fairly large so that it is easy to see the shot, such as a three inch screen.