Photo Specific Digital Camera Printers

The past decade have seen great advancements in both printer and camera technology alike. More cameras store images digitally now than on film, saving consumers from having to purchase extra film everytime they want to take new photos. However, this feature has the additional benefit of allowing users to copy their photos as many times as they wish to onto their computer, allowing them to send the photos to friends and family or print out copies. A digital camera printer allows users to make photos from the digital camera directly with no need to use a computer to transfer the files.

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Digital camera printers are perfect for folks who print out large volumes of photos or simply don't have a large need for regular computer usage. Unlike a traditional printer which requires a computer, digital camera printers will do their jobs without a connected computer. This allows them to be placed mostly anywhere there is room, and it makes them perfect for taking them with you wherever you go. Their mobility makes digital camera printers perfect for trips to family members' homes or vacations so you can get your photos printed out in record time.

Just because they tend to be smaller doesn't mean that digital camera printers are any less capable than traditional printers. Instead, they tend to focus on traditional photo sizes (3x5 and 4x6 inches tend to be popular sizes), so there is really no need to be any larger. Print times generally hover around 40-80 seconds per photo, largely depending upon the size being printed out. That is about the same speed as full sized printers, but the quality is comparable. Remember, digital camera printers are primarily used for printing photos, and you shouldn't expect to use one as a multipurpose printer.

If you don't know the difference between dpi and printer page yield, a digital camera printer review is a great place to start looking for these printers. In-depth analysis of a huge variety of printers can help you balance cost with quality while also giving you some basic knowledge about which features to look for and which ones you will find yourself using. Fortunately, digital camera printers tend to be cheaper than their full-sized counterparts because they have more specific tasks to complete. If you're looking for a multipurpose printer, start looking there, but for a cost-effective, mobile solution for printing photos from your camera, a digital camera printer is the printer of choice.