Save Money with a Digital Camera Printer Combo

Surprisingly, many people have yet to make the upgrade from film to digital. At first, digital cameras were low resolution, and they were blurrier than they would be on film. With cameras now streaming past 20 megapixels (a measurement of how many pixels are contained in an image - 20 megapixels is equivalent to 20 million individual pixels), that concern is long gone, but lingering concerns remain. Film can become corrupted or disfigured, by digital files are easily stored and copied for all eternity. If you have not yet made the upgrade, consider purchasing a digital camera printer combo. Not only will you receive a fantastic camera, but you'll also receive a compatible printer from which you can directly print your photos from, no computer necessary.


Digital camera printer combos are fantastic in that they contain everything you need to take and print out your own photos. Such a digital camera printer bundle has not only the digital camera but also a compatible printer (and that compatibility is also an important feature - not all printers can work with all cameras). You don't need to hook up a computer to first move the photo files from your camera to the computer and then to the printer. No, you go straight from the camera to the printer, and while you might lose some abilities to alter the photos, most photos are ready to be printed out as is.

A digital camera printer combo is the perfect way to delve into the world of photography. These combos contain decent cameras and printers. If you buy them by themselves, you run the risk of purchasing incompatible or low quality devices. It's a safe move that won't allow you to purchase the very best equipment in the world but won't allow you to purchase the worst either. Unless you're a photography expert, you don't need the best. In fact, you wouldn't even know how to use a ten thousand dollar camera without a great deal of practice first, so a digital camera printer combo is a cost effective solution for the average consumer.

However, you might want to consider going with a multipurpose printer if you don't plan on taking a lot of photos. You'll gain the ability to print larger pages, and often you can also scan, fax, and do a number of other things that simply don't fit in digital camera printer combos. For versatility, go with the full sized printer, but for pure photo printing bliss, pick up a digital camera printer combo.