Basic Digital Camera Memory Storage Explained

For those digital camera users that are not too familiar with digital camera memory storage finding the right type and storage capacity cards can often prove to be an arduous task. However, there are a few simple rules that anyone can follow in order to solve the problem.

Resolution Matters

It obviously pays to first of all understand that images are stored in memory and when the internal memory of the digital camera cannot store the images the problem can only be solved by using a memory card with higher capacity. Therefore the first aspect to understanding how much digital camera memory storage will suffice for your needs is knowing how often you shoot images, in what resolution as well as how you compress the images.

Furthermore, digital camera memory storage can depend on the type of memory card that is inserted into the digital camera. There are compact flash memory cards, SD cards, Memory Sticks and xD cards that you can choose from though before adding these cards to increase your digital camera memory storage capacity makes sure to check that your camera is compatible with the memory card you are planning on using.

Typically, digital camera memory storage starts as low as 512 MB capacity and goes up to one, two, four and even eight megabytes of storage. As mentioned, the resolution of your digital camera as well as the resolution used to shoot images will determine how much space is used up when storing the images.

High resolution images obviously will require more storage space and if you shoot many pictures then it is necessary to add higher capacity digital camera memory storage to your digital camera. On the other hand, even with a high resolution digital camera you can cut down on digital camera memory storage requirements by using lower resolution to shoot the images and also use JPEG file format with higher compression to save on storage requirements.

Once the capacity of your digital camera memory storage card is filled to capacity you can then transfer all the images to a computer and then wipe out the memory and start loading up the memory with fresh images once more.

Before choosing to buy cheap digital camera memory it makes sense to understand that different formats perform the same functions and it is only the specifications that can change. It is a question of reputation as well as popularity that makes one choose one particular type of memory over the other. And, SD cards are at present the most popular choice. To get the best deal it will of course mean that you research different options to see which offering, even though it is cheapest, offers reliable storage. Be aware that many of the cheaper memory cards available may not work reliably and so it might be a better idea to pay a little more to get reliable service.