Don't Leave Home without Them: Digital Camera Accessories

There are many different digital camera accessories that can be bought for almost any brand of digital camera. Some of these accessories are not necessarily needed to get quality pictures and to take care of the camera itself. Other digital camera accessories help to protect the camera and to extend its life, not only through wear and tear, but also the time it will last when out on a trip taking pictures. There are some accessories that come with the digital camera when it is purchased but others have to be purchased separately from the camera itself.


Whether it is a Canon digital camera accessory, or for another brand of camera, a camera bag is essential for the protection of the camera. Most digital cameras come with this accessory at purchase. The camera bag that usually comes with the camera is typically small and only has enough room in it for the camera itself. Many photographers want a camera bag as a digital camera accessory that will accommodate more of their equipment in it, such as extra batteries, extra memory cards, alternative lenses and more. In addition, there are camera bags that are waterproof so that photographers who enjoy the outdoor environment for taking pictures can feel secure that their camera will be unharmed if a sudden rainstorm comes up.

Another essential digital camera accessory is extra batteries and a battery charger. Rechargeable batteries are essential so that one batch can be charging while the other batch is in use. Having three sets is even more beneficial so that the photographer can have fresh batteries in the camera, an extra set of batteries with him in the bag, and another set at home, recharging and ready for use. Although rechargeable batteries are often more expensive at the outset, they are better in the long run since batteries will not have to be bought on a regular basis and it is better for the environment.

Tripods are another common digital camera accessory since they provide the stability needed to get certain shots that are not possible with a camera that is held in the hand. This is especially important for shooting pictures when it is darker and it takes a steadier hand for the picture to come out correctly. They also allow the photographer to become a part of the picture by setting a timer on the camera and getting in front of the tripod and camera setup.