Choices in Compact Digital Cameras

Today there are many different types of compact digital cameras on the market which are durable and easy to use. Finding the best ultra compact digital camera in the price range that is desired is what individuals are usually looking for, but that can sometimes be a difficult decision. One of the most important qualities of a compact digital camera is that it should be at least six megapixels so that the quality of pictures when printed or uploaded is what the individual desires. If the individual does more specialty work with the pictures such as enlarging them or cropping them, then he will probably want higher megapixels than six.

In addition, the compact digital camera should also have a removable memory card so that other memory cards can be bought and used in the camera for additional space. There should be a cord included for uploading pictures from the camera as well. Other features that should be included with any digital camera are a case for protection and a flash for taking pictures at any time of the day or night.

Brands of Cameras

One compact digital camera that is a great choice for under one hundred dollars is the Nikon Coolpix L18. This camera has more than the minimum megapixels, at eight, and has an optical zoom that goes to three times the original image. It works on a mere two double A batteries so that it is not as costly in buying camera batteries. One downside to the camera is that the memory card storage is internal so that it cannot be removed and replaced while out and about. However, it does store twenty-eight pictures, which is more than a standard roll of film in traditional cameras.

For a compact digital camera that is in the one hundred fifty dollar range, there is the Canon Powershot SD790 IS. This camera has more megapixels than the Nikon Coolpix, at ten, allowing more formatting to be done to the pictures when uploaded. It also has a JPEG file format which is useful when uploading as well. It has a removable memory card which holds thirty-twoMB, allowing for more memory cards to be brought along for additional space. The battery is more expensive, using a Lithium-ion battery, but the features, such as face detection auto-focus and a movie mode that includes sound are definitely better features for about one hundred dollars more than the Nikon, making the Powershot a great pick in compact digital cameras.