Getting Informed: Compact Digital Camera Reviews

There are many different small, compact digital cameras on the market today, ranging from about twenty dollars up to several hundred dollars, depending on the quality of the camera. Compact digital camera reviews can help individuals make an informed decision when buying these types of cameras so that they get the best camera possible for their money. Often there are not too many different features between a one hundred dollar camera and a two hundred dollar one, so finding the best features in the cameras for the money is an important piece of research to consider before purchasing.


According to compact digital camera reviews, when cameras are in the one hundred dollar and below price range, the megapixels are usually between five and ten. This means that the quality of the pictures can be distorted more easily when uploaded, enlarged or cropped. The higher the megapixels the better, especially if the individual likes to do a lot of customization to the pictures before printing or posting.

There are also some auto features that are helpful according to compact digital camera reviews. One of these is a facial recognition feature which allows the camera to focus more readily on individuals' faces instead of choosing something else in the picture as the focal point. In addition, some cameras also have a 'smile shutter' mode in which the camera will automatically take the picture as soon as a person smiles, thus helping to eliminate those pictures where the individual is not smiling.

Many of these cameras have not only still shots, but also a movie mode which will usually include sound according to compact digital camera reviews. With less expensive cameras, this movie mode is often limited to a certain span of time rather than allowing unlimited movie making capabilities. Depending on the camera, the movie can be uploaded as an MPEG and the pictures can be uploaded as JPEG files so that they can more easily be sent electronically through email, or be uploaded to different websites without experiencing distortion.

Another feature that is nice according to compact digital camera reviews is the ability to remove the memory card. With this capability, the individual can take more pictures at a time since they can switch memory cards when one device is full. There are also some cameras that come with a zoom feature that allows for optical or digital zoom. The higher the zoom, the more the camera can focus clearly on images that are further away, such as at sporting events or in nature.