Finding the Best Ultra Compact Digital Camera

Finding the best ultra compact digital camera really depends on the use that the individual has for the camera and also the price range that he wants to stay in. There are great little cameras that are under one hundred dollars and there are also professional cameras that can run close to one thousand dollars. Compact digital camera reviews are useful in comparing the prices and features of these different cameras so that individuals can make an informed decision.

A couple of issues to keep in mind when choosing any of the best ultra compact digital cameras is that they should always have at least six megapixels, they should have a removable memory card, and they should come with a carrying case and internal flash. In addition, it is also wise to check out the warrantees on the different cameras and find out where they have to be repaired if anything goes wrong with them.

One Hundred Dollars

There are several different brands that carry the best ultra compact digital cameras for around one hundred dollars. The first is the Nikon Coolpix L18, which runs just under seventy dollars on the market today. Although this camera does not have a removable memory card, the one it has holds 28MB and has a cord for uploading to the computer or printing device. The Nikon does have eight megapixels and an optical zoom, which is a nice feature, zooming up to three times the size of the initial object. The LCD display is larger than other cameras at three inches, and it runs on two AA batteries.

Another of the best ultra compact digital cameras which runs about one hundred dollars is the Panasonic Lumix TZ5. This camera has 9.1 megapixels which allows for more formatting to be done without distortion to the pictures. In addition, the optical zoom is ten times and has a digital zoom of four times. There is also a wide-angle lens on the camera which allows for better group and landscape shots. It also has a movie mode which has sound on it, as well as the 50MB internal memory and large, three inch LCD screen.

For just under one hundred twenty dollars, there is the Fuji FinePix Z20fd, which is also one of the best ultra compact digital cameras on the market today. It has ten megapixels and also has face detection with red-eye removal, which is a nice feature for getting those focused group shots. It also has a JPEG file format for uploading to websites without distortion.