Say "Cheese!" Buying a Digital Camera

When buying a digital camera, there are certain qualities that every camera should have in order to have the main features necessary for prime picture taking. In addition, there are digital camera accessories that are also helpful to have on hand so that more unique pictures may be taken, so that the pictures can be easily uploaded to the computer or internet, and so that more pictures can be taken at a time before uploading them to a more permanent storage space. There are many different types of digital cameras on the market today, many at very minimal prices, so it is important to look at the feature differences between cameras to make sure the best camera is purchased for the money.


One of the first features to look at in a digital camera is how many megapixels it has so that the uploading and print quality is as fine as a traditional camera. Usually the minimum requirement is about six megapixels, but more will be needed if the individual does any work with the pictures, such as cropping.

In addition to the megapixels, a digital camera should have some automatic features on it such as an auto focus feature and auto exposure. These features help even inexperienced individuals to get the most out of every picture. In addition, the zoom feature should not just be a digital zoom, but should also allow for optical zoom so that the individual can control it as well.

Another essential feature for a digital camera is an automatic flash so that the best quality pictures can be taken at all time of day and night. There should also be a high quality LCD monitor where the individual can view the picture about to be taken and make sure that it is the shot that they want. Some monitors are not as high quality and are difficult to see in bright light, making it hard to get a quality picture in that situation.

There are also memory cards in digital cameras for storing the pictures. These should always be removable so that more than one can be used on a trip without losing any of the pictures by having to delete them to make room for more. There are memory cards that can be bought in the stores that usually hold more pictures than the cards that come with the cameras, so it is alright that the card does not hold many pictures as long as it is removable from the digital camera.

The Quality of Digital Cameras

In addition to the cost effectiveness, a digital camera had a huge leg up on traditional cameras in the sense that the picture quality of a digital image was significantly better than the picture quality of a traditional film camera. The resolution of the digital camera was not only better, but the colors could also be altered. In fact, a color picture could also easily be changed to black and white!

The Video Option

Many digital cameras also offered brief recording capabilities (30 seconds or so) of video images. While this remains a far cry from digital camcorders, it is still a nice little add on to a camera and a function that is more worth having than not. Of course, a traditional camera does not have any video function and that is another reason why digital cameras blow them away in the popularity division.

While it is a shame to see the traditional camera fall from grace so to speak, it is also understandable that new products bring with them efficiency and progress. As such, the advent of the digital camera spelled the great dawning of a new day.