Experience the Splendor of Yellow Diamonds

If you have only experienced the beautiful white diamonds, it is time to introduce you to the splendor of yellow diamonds. Most people are unaware that diamonds are not only white in nature; the truth is that diamonds are yellow, blue, green, and pink. In fact, diamonds are not classified by their color, but also their clarity and carat weight.

All diamonds, of any color, have the same origin; nature miraculously takes a lump of carbon and, over eons, this carbon is chemically transformed into the diamonds we see today, including beautiful yellow diamonds. A stone is called a diamond if it possesses a certain geological quality.

Facts about Yellow Diamonds

Before you consider buying a yellow diamond, there are specifics about these diamonds that you should be aware of. These diamonds are part of the gemological classification of "fancy diamonds," taking into consideration their rarity compared to the extreme rarity of pink and blue diamonds. Among diamond collectors, there exists the categories of "intense" yellow diamonds and "intense fancy yellow diamonds," among the most rare and expensive of fancy diamonds.

Yellow diamonds are the best-known fancy-colored diamonds. Their chemical structure, based upon carbon origins, is very different from other yellow stones such as the citron. While they may look alike, citron gemstones have a much different chemical composition as that of yellow diamonds.

In addition from the mining of yellow diamonds, they can also be man-made in a geologic laboratory. These stones, manufactured in all colors, are exact duplicates of mined diamonds. They are based upon cubic zirconium, a hardy stone that is chemically processed to reproduce mined diamonds at a fraction of the cost of a mined diamond. The CZ diamonds are "real" diamonds, the same as nature's mined diamonds, but for a fraction of the cost.

If you choose either a mined yellow diamond or a CV diamond, remember that only a gemologist can tell the difference. Obtained for a much smaller price, these diamonds are just as beautiful and enduring as a mined diamond. They ARE diamonds; modern gemology has merely sped up nature's timetable.

Many brides to be and diamond collectors look for the rare yellow diamonds for their uniqueness and exquisite beauty. In contrast with citron, a beautiful yellow stone, these diamonds have a much different chemical make-up. They are the only carbon-based diamond in the world. For a unique and long-lasting gift, these diamonds are incomparable.