What You Need to Know about Buying Wholesale Diamonds

Diamonds may be forever, as the ad says, but you only earn your paycheck once each pay period. Diamonds are one of nature's most lovely creations; white, pink, blue, green, yellow and even black diamonds are highly prized but also highly priced. If you are considering a diamond purchase, you might wish to consider buying your diamond wholesale. Armed with a few basic purchasing facts, you can find and buy the diamond of your (and her) dreams.

Buying a wholesale diamond can save you quite a bit of money. Contrary to negative views, you are not being "cheap" when you by a wholesale diamond, you're being smart. All that glitters is not gold, after all. By doing your "homework" before purchasing a diamond, you can enjoy a beautiful stone for a reasonable price.

Facts to Keep in Mind about Wholesale Diamonds

Many large cities in the United States and in Europe have "diamond districts." Antwerp, Belgium is the best know of these districts. Here you can find wholesale diamonds for a much lesser price than if you were to simply walk into the jewelry store at the mall. When you buy a wholesale diamond, you're cutting out the "middle man," i.e. the jewelry store. In the store, a company jeweler must frequently visit the diamond districts to find the best gems at the best price. To make a profit, the jewelry store has a considerable "mark-up" which you, the consumer, must pay.

When you buy a diamond at a wholesale price, you're paying the same price as the gem buyer, without the mark up by the retailer. If you live in or visit cities with diamond districts, you can expect to pay close to wholesale prices. Even the wholesale dealer must make a profit, but it is still far less than you would pay in a jewelry store chain.

If you buy a wholesale diamond, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, the diamond district merchants are in fierce competition with each other. It's essential for you to make sure that the stone you purchase really is a diamond. You may have a preference as to whether your diamond is "naturally mined" or is a cubic zirconium (man made) diamond. You won't be able to tell the difference with the naked eye; only a gemologist can do this. Second, make sure your wholesale diamond comes with a certificate of authenticity about its origin, carat weight, and color. Although the majority of wholesale diamond dealers are honest, there are those without scruples who will sell you a carefully cut crystal as a diamond. Make sure you receive a receipt, and that the wholesale diamond dealer guarantees his or her merchandise.

Finally, never buy a wholesale diamond from a street dealer. You'll see them mostly in big European cities; they come and go with great frequency, and you'll have nowhere to turn if you "diamond" turns out to be cleverly cut glass. Choose a merchant who has been in business for many years, with an established location.