A Unique Style to Selling is Spence Diamonds Hallmark

Diamonds are sold all over the world, but no one comes close to the distinctive style of selling than Spence Diamonds. This Canadian retailer not only sells their diamond jewelry online, they are also the largest diamond retailer in their country and offers a number of custom designs.

The Diamond Difference

Spence Diamonds presents a unique style of selling in its stores. All of the jewelry display cases are open so that customers may examine the rings and other jewelry on their own, without having to wait for a sales associate. This savvy Canadian retailer has found that an environment with little pressure or sales intimidation actually sells more jewelry.

It is important to note that all of the jewelry in the open cases is actually design prototypes for Spence Diamonds. There are diamond experts available to speak with customers and educate them on the different kinds of diamonds as well as offer assistance on their diamond selections.

The Spence Purchase Guarantee

One of the hallmarks of Spence Diamonds is their purchase guarantees on jewelry. For instance, if a diamond becomes chipped, cracked or loosened from its setting within the first five years of its purchase, this Canadian retailer will replace the diamond at no cost to the purchaser.

A lifetime trade-up allowance is another way that Spence Diamonds is far different from other diamond retailers. At any time within the first five years of purchase, a customer can trade up to another diamond and receive full credit of the original purchase. The only caveat for this trade-up is that the new diamond must be at least fifty percent more in value than the original purchase.

Spence Diamonds will also allow customers to change their original setting or diamond mounting within the first five years as long as the new one has a comparable price tag. In addition, this jewelry retailer will size rings and conduct any necessary repairs to customer diamond jewelry within the first five years of purchase.

Other Notable Facts

Customers who purchase from Spence Diamonds also have a forty-five day return policy with a money back guarantee. Of course, special design orders are exempt from the return policy. Spence Diamonds are known for their exquisite engagement rings; however they have a selection of other types of jewelry to choose from as well like earrings and bracelets.

Spence Diamonds is conveniently located for many Canadians as well as Americans living in the northern United States. However, with the Spence Diamonds website, people from all over the world have the opportunity to purchase their jewelry from thousands of possible diamond designs.