Rushden and Diamonds - A Kickin' Team

Rushden and Diamonds is a professional football club otherwise known as soccer in American circles. This club plays in the Conference National which is a part of one of the top divisions in the English Football League.

Team History

A merger of two football clubs at the end of the 1991-1992 season formed the Rushden and Diamonds football club. The owner of Doc Martens Shoes, Max Griggs, bought the Irthlingborough Diamonds and the Rushden Town to create this new team that would soon compete in the Division One English Southern League.

The Rushden Town football team started in 1889 while the Irthlingborough Diamonds started in 1946. While each football club met with varying success throughout the years, the late 1980's and early 1990's brought many problems such as low team rankings within their respective leagues.

Part of what brought troubles to the Rushden Town team were the facilities in which they played. Their home facilities went through many improvements although they were still not enough to impress the English Football League. Therefore, when the Rushden and Diamonds team was formed, plans were made to improve on Nene Park, the grounds of the Irthlingborough Diamonds.

The First Season and Beyond

The first season for the Rushden and Diamonds football club was promising. With better than average crowds, this newly formed team entertained the crowds, but soon met with disappointment. They finished their first season just a few points behind the league runner-ups.

Thanks to the support of many local area businesses as well as owner Max Griggs, the Rushden and Diamonds facilities were improved upon and more seating was added along with new dressing rooms, a gymnasium and other amenities. Within a few years, the football club was enjoying many successes. However, it was not until the year 2001 that Rushden and Diamonds won their conference and were promoted within the English Football League.

After a few more seasons of successful play, the team started their slide within the rankings. Managers were fired and hired and players were traded. Max Griggs eventually turned over club ownership and various team assets to a newly formed trust. The year 2006 also brought changes within the executive board of the Rushden and Diamonds team with a succession of two different chairmen at the helm of this franchise. The new 2007 - 2008 season looks hopeful for the team with new leadership as well as the recruitment of some strong veteran players to bolster the strength of Rushden and Diamonds ball club.