Hip to Be Square Princess Cut Diamonds

The round cut diamond will forever be the most popular shape diamond for many pieces of jewelry today from rings to necklaces to earrings and more. However, people who are looking for something slightly different turn to square-shaped princess cut diamonds.

Many brides favor the square shape simply because it is different from the more traditional round cut diamond, which makes princess cut diamonds very popular for engagement rings. Round diamonds are cut specifically to maximize their brilliance and sparkle, and most square diamonds do not live up to that standard, except for princess cut diamonds.

Creating this Square Diamond

The square shape of princess cut diamonds emphasizes the brilliance within the stone rather than its overall luster. Diamond cutters cut the upper part of a diamond into a square shape. Picture this diamond as an inverted pyramid shape with the square part prominently displayed within a jewelry setting.

Princess cut diamonds typically are smaller in diameter than that of a round diamond of the same weight while measuring a bit longer in length. This special cut creates a unique shape while still offering the lovely brilliance that you would find in a round cut diamond.

Many diamond cutters like princess cut diamonds because they take less work to create than other shapes. The reason for this is they do not have to trim off as much diamond mass to create the square shape, which also means these diamonds cost less because they take less labor. In return, people who buy princess cut diamonds get more carat weight for less money.

Advantages of the Princess Cut

Princess cut diamonds are cut with extra facets to produce a brilliant looking stone. This sparkle is the reason why these diamonds are increasingly popular for engagement rings. Another advantage of the princess cut is the fact that any flaws are less detectable and any minor discolorations are not noticeable to the naked eye.

Choosing Your Diamond

The setting for your princess cut diamonds is of utmost importance. Because of the square shape, the setting must protect all four corners and should therefore be a four-prong setting. In addition, you must choose the diamond ratio of length to width that you feel is most attractive. Some diamonds have almost a one to one ratio, meaning they are almost a perfect square while others may have a slightly higher ratio.

When shopping for princess cut diamonds, be sure to ask the jeweler what grade the diamonds are, as only the American Gemological Society has the authority to grade them. The closer your princess cut diamond is to zero, the higher the quality. Your budget will dictate the color and clarity you can afford for these types of diamonds.