Pink Diamonds are a Seldom-Seen Rarity

When thinking of diamonds, many people believe that all diamonds are clear, like beautifully-cut crystal. In truth, diamonds can be found in many colors. The pink diamond is the rarest of all diamonds. All pearls are not white, but are also pink and black. All sapphires are not blue, but are also pink. Thus, it is a mistake to overlook the beautiful pink diamond. Keep in mind that gemstones are not determined by their color, but by their chemical structure.

Pink diamonds are such a rarity, you may go through life and never see one up close. The finest pink diamonds were once allowed to be worn only by European royalty. Look very closely at some collectors' artwork that depicts Jesus Christ crowned as the "King of Kings" and you will see that a pink diamond is one of the gems in His crown. Today, for a truly fine gem, you can expect to pay close to one million US dollars per carat. Not only is the price of these natural works of art unaffordable by all but the very wealthy, they are also difficult to find.

Why are Pink Diamonds so Rare and Valuable?

Pink diamonds are mined in very few places on Earth; India, Brazil, and Tanzania, making them very rare. In 1985, a large deposit of pink diamonds was discovered in the Argyle mine in Perth, Australia. This was history's largest strike of this glorious gem. The "Top 50" of these treasures are available and affordable only to diamontaires. Some women choose a pink diamond engagement ring if their fiancé can afford this sentimental luxury. As engagement rights, these beauties are small due to their price, but gorgeously mounted in four-prong white goal settings to enhance their loveliness. Because of their generally unaffordability, these engagement rings are much smaller stones, usually ¼ carat.

Since the gemstone mines rarely discover a strain of pink diamonds, and accidentally, this also makes them extremely valuable. Gemologists have difficulty classifying them as they do white, blue, green and brown diamonds. To even locate one of these treasures, you can't simply walk in to the jewelry store in the mall and ask to see their selection of pink diamonds. Only a few gemologists, primarily located in Perth, can even show you these extremely rare diamonds. At a million dollars per carat, you'd best be both very wealthy and very discriminating.

Pink diamonds are more than 500 times more rare than even the finest white diamonds. They are still being discovered in strains of the Argyle mine near Perth, but like Australia's famous and highly-prized black fire opals, they are still a scarce find. Before you purchase one of these stones, have it examined by a gemologist of your choice to make sure that it is genuine, and not a cleverly colored crystal. Always obtain a legal certificate of authenticity from a certified gemologist.