Lab Created Diamonds Stir Up Controversy

Lab created diamonds are simply diamonds that have been grown in a laboratory. They are chemically identical to naturally mined diamonds, but cannot be sold as such. Lab created diamonds are less expensive than natural diamonds, making beautiful jewelry affordable to the masses.

Carbon is Carbon

The controversy associated with lab created diamonds arose when a diamond company brought some of their homemade gemstones to rating house. The house was used to assessing the value of mined diamonds and the created diamonds slid right under their radar. Upset that they had graded lab created diamonds as if they were mined diamonds, the grading company began to make waves in the world of gemstones. They insisted that lab created diamonds should not be classed in the same way as natural diamonds. They took the position that doing so was fraudulent. Opponents of their position felt that diamonds were diamonds whether they were mined or made in a lab because both types were the results of heat and pressure applied to carbon.

The controversy settled down somewhat when the leading maker of lab created diamonds decided they wanted to have a full disclosure policy on all of their stones. Not wanting to be accused of trying to pass off any of their lab created diamonds as gems pulled from the surface of the earth, they now laser inscribe each stone that they create.

Lab Created Diamonds With A Twist

Most lab created diamonds are made from graphite, but a few companies are making diamonds from carbon found in less traditional places. One Russian company is making a diamond from human or animal hair. The most popular diamonds they sell are created from the hair of newborn babies. Families that want a unique keepsake or gift for grandma are lining up to have their personalized diamonds created to the tune of $3500. A yellow diamond can run as high as $17,000, but you can be sure if you buy one of these lab created diamonds it will be as unique as your child. The company also makes diamonds from the fur of your favorite pet.

Some companies have taken this idea a step beyond making diamonds out of hair and offer to make diamonds from the cremated ashes of your loved one. They advertise these diamonds as a way to memorialize and remember the person that you lost. These lab created diamonds can be made in several colors and sizes and then can be set in rings or necklaces.