Gruesome History of Blood Diamonds

The history of blood diamonds is not pretty but it's a case of reality for far too many people. Blood diamonds are so called because they result from conflict within a country and are usually illegally traded. The history of blood diamonds has been linked with brutal civil wars and savagery as numerous atrocities have taken place in order to gain control of diamond mines. In poor countries like Sierra Leone, the discovery of diamonds should be boosted the economy and state of the country but instead it has been similar to a noose around the neck.

The history of blood diamonds in places like Sierra Leone is splattered with abuse and murder as the rebel forces have fought with the sometimes corrupt governments for control. The diamond mines have been the real issue and rebuilding the country has never been the concern of blood diamond traffickers. In many cases, the innocent were slaughtered or mutilated, basically so that they could not mine for diamonds themselves or fight against the rebels or the soldiers. Small children have even been set to work in the mines in a form of slave labor all so these gems can be smuggled out of the country and sold to the highest bidder. The funds from this trade have been used to buy weapons and make the corrupt rich. The worst thing is nearly the people who buy the smuggled gems as they are the ones financing and encouraging this illegal trade which has robbed countries of economic growth and promoted crime. The history of blood diamonds is sad to tell but worse for those living with the consequences of the bloodshed.

Never Changing History of Blood Diamonds

The history of blood diamonds cannot change or be sugarcoated. The stark, hard facts are there and unfortunately, the struggle continues as these poor countries that are cursed with such valuable mineral resources take part in the long process of attempting to rebuild and take back their freedom. It is unknown how much has been lost to the trade of blood diamonds. This is money that could have gone towards rebuilding these countries and establishing a steady economy and peaceful way of life. Progress cannot be made until stable, legitimate governments are in place, until weapons are laid down in peace and until the corporations around the world stop buying these diamonds and stop profiting from the misfortune of some and the criminal activity of others.