Turning Up the Heat with Hearts on Fire Diamonds

Perfection is the difference between Hearts on Fire diamonds and many other diamonds in the industry. There are very few rough diamonds that make the cut to create these special Hearts on Fire diamonds; therefore, there is an air of exclusivity with this brand. Their elite criterion is what makes these particular diamonds a hot commodity for people who seek this distinctiveness.

Superior Attributes

In just a decade, the Hearts on Fire Company has turned up the heat in the diamond industry for producing most the perfect diamond in the world. Painstaking methods are employed to create the most exclusive, desired diamonds in the jewelry market today. Rigorous inspections from expert gemologists from the American Gemological Society are only one part of the process to create Hearts on Fire Diamonds.

After the diamond separation process of determining jewelry versus industrial use, less than one percent of these jewelry bound diamonds are found to be appropriate for the Hearts on Fire Diamonds. In fact, the standards are so stringent that only diamonds with a grade of zero in superior proportional symmetrical cuts, smooth and level polish, practically colorless quality and flawless to slight inclusions are considered for Hearts on Fire Diamonds.

Diamond Detailing

Diamond cutters use ten times the industry standard of magnification when cutting, engraving and polishing these diamonds. Only with 100x magnification can these lapidaries create a flawless piece of carbon that earns the Hearts on Fire name.

The superior cuts are what give Hearts on Fire Diamonds their name and reputation. Special scopes that can see completely through the diamond are used to view all the interesting facets in order to create symmetrical cuts. Only with symmetry can these diamonds sparkle and truly reflect the light creating a brilliant luster.

Choosing your Diamonds

Hearts on Fire Diamonds can only be found in a round cut which is best for retaining symmetry and radiance. Many brides who seek these diamonds for their engagement ring choose the solitaire setting because simply, less is more. They do not want a more elaborate setting to detract from the exquisiteness of their diamond.

Because of the Hearts on Fire Diamonds exclusivity, there are only a limited number of jewelers in the world who are authorized to sell them. Visiting the Hearts on Fire website will yield different locations world-wide where their diamonds and jewelry are sold. Turn up the heat on your jewelry with Hearts on Fire Diamonds.