Fancy Colored Diamonds: Wearing something Very Rare And Colorful

A lot of people are not aware that diamonds come in different hues and colors. Because fancy colored diamonds are very rare and very expensive, a lot of people have not really such beauties. How rare are these colored diamonds? According to statistics, out of 12 million tons of rough diamonds, only one of these diamonds may be colored. That is really a very staggering number so you can imagine how expensive must this fancy colored diamonds be. If you take a closer look into the prices of colored diamonds being sold in the market today, you will notice that most of these colored diamonds cost so much more than clear diamonds. In fact, some types of fancy colored diamonds are very rare that they can command millions of dollars in price.

How Are Fancy Colored Diamonds Created?

Natural fancy colored diamonds are created when certain elements are mixed into the diamonds. The creation of these fancy colored diamonds takes a lot of time. In fact, some of these fancy colored diamonds have taken hundreds of years to achieve their perfect colors.

Some of the rarest fancy colored diamonds are the blue diamonds, the green diamonds, the pink diamonds and the red diamonds. The blue colored diamonds are created when diamonds come into contact with the element boron while the green diamonds are created when the diamonds come into contact with radiation and uranium. On the other hand, how the pink diamonds got its color remains a mystery until now. Scientists all over the world still cannot figure out how these beautiful stones got its color. Although some scientists believe that the pink hue is caused by the abnormality in the crystal lattice, they still can't explain what causes these abnormalities and why these abnormalities occur. However, although the formations of pink diamonds still baffle scientists until the present, one thing is for sure, the pink diamonds are one of the rarest and most expensive of all types of diamonds ever extracted from the earth.

Can Fancy Colored Diamonds Be Created?

The colors of the diamonds can be manipulated. Many people dope low grade or discolored diamonds to enhance their colors and make them look more beautiful. Note that tainted white diamonds are considered as rejects so most gemologists would rather dope these diamonds and turn them into some other colors to make them more appealing. However, except for green diamonds, the manipulation of the colors of the diamonds are easily detectable thus the prices of fancy colored diamonds still remained quite very high.