Enter The New World Of Fake Diamonds

There was a day when fake diamonds screamed out glaringly that they were fake. A few years ago you could stroll by a woman wearing rhinestones and spot the fake diamonds before you were within fifteen feet of her. Today's fake diamonds are much more sophisticated. Unless you are a jeweler that specializes in the hard gem, it is hard to spot the newest versions of fake diamonds with the naked eye.

Simulated Diamonds

Fake diamonds are not a new invention. Jewelers have been working with glass and other substances for over a half a century to create some realistic and less expensive alternatives to real diamonds. Some well known fake diamonds are cubic zirconia, rhinestones, and the newest lab created sensations from Gemesis.

Cubic zirconia is a mineral. It has many of the same properties that diamonds have and it can be synthesized into many different colors. It is so close in makeup to a diamond, that it takes a trained eye to tell the difference. Unlike diamonds, cubic zirconia is too perfect. Diamonds all have some color and most have a little flaw, while cubic zirconia can be colorless and usually is without flaws.

Rhinestones aren't as realistic as cubic zirconia. Usually when a person is wearing rhinestones it is pretty easy for the average eye to realize that they are fake diamonds. Rhinestones are made of glass, paste, acrylic or quartz crystals. A rhinestone can mesmerize you with its sparkling flair but the truth of the matter is this fake diamond is just a fancy piece of faceted glass.

The fake diamonds offered by Gemesis labs aren't really fake diamonds at all. It is more accurate to say that they are diamonds that weren't mined. These diamonds are actually grown in a lab that recreates the same conditions that nature uses to create natural diamonds. Once these diamonds are grown, cut, and polished, expert jewelers were hard pressed to tell them from naturally mined diamonds. In fact many of the Gemesis offerings have actually been graded and passed several comparison tests to real diamonds.

These fake diamonds are so realistic, that many jewelry insiders have expressed their fear that people might try to pass these lab created stones off as mined diamonds. In answer to these fears, the company that makes them has faithfully laser inscribed each and every gemstone they grow so that no one is ever duped into buying their fake diamonds instead of the real deal.