Keep Your Diamonds Fabulous

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, but that doesn't mean that they can't be damaged. If you want to keep your diamonds fabulous, you must clean them carefully and watch what kind of solutions you let touch your diamonds on a daily basis. If your diamonds happen to share a setting with another kind of gemstone, make sure you clean your jewelry with a solution that is safe for the gemstone rather than the diamond, because diamonds are hardier than other gems.

Having Fabulous Diamonds Is Easy

If you want fabulous diamonds, it isn't necessary to buy expensive commercial cleaners. Many of the commercial cleaners contain harsh chemicals and the residue from those chemicals can stay on the ring and irritate sensitive or even not so sensitive skin. Rather than buying commercial gem cleaner, a great alternative is to soak your diamonds in a mild detergent mixed with warm water. After your diamonds have had a chance to rest in this solution gently scrub your jewelry with a soft bristled brush. The bristles on the brush that you use should be the softest available so they do not scratch the metal setting of your fabulous diamonds.

If you want to give your diamonds a quick polish, one easy way to remove surface grime is to wipe across your gemstone with a baby wipe. Another way to make your diamonds fabulous is to rub them with a bit of hand sanitizer. While these quick solutions don't deep clean your jewels, they do give them a quick touch up and a bit of their old sparkle back.

One of the easiest ways to get keep your diamonds fabulous is to take them to the jeweler that sold them to you for steam cleaning. The steam gets into the grooves and tight setting spots and really gets rid of all the everyday grime and gunk that can build up on your diamonds and the metal settings that contain them. Most jewelry stores offer free diamond cleaning, so you don't always have to go to the store in which the diamonds were originally purchased.

An Ounce Of Preventions Brings About Fabulous Diamonds

Having diamonds that are fabulous has a lot to do with preventative care. Household cleaning products and home hair dye kits contain chemicals that can damage the coating, luster, or setting of your diamonds. Take care to remove rings before you immerse your hands in a bucket of bleach water. Don't wear your diamond earrings to the hairdresser on the day you plant to have your hair highlighted. These simple preventative measures can go a long way toward keeping your diamonds fabulous.