Diamonds Are Forever: Standing The Test Of Time

When we tune in on the television, we may see a jewelry commercial that is saying that diamonds are forever and since it depicts the promise of eternal love and passion, you must give a diamond to the love of your life especially when you are asking her hand for marriage. Because of these advertisements that are saying that diamonds are forever, giving diamonds as an engagement rings has never been more popular as compared today.

Through the years, it has been a custom to give diamond engagement rings to your fiancée because not only they promise a blissful lifetime of love, but also promises that diamonds are forever.

And Why Not

Diamonds are truly forever and why not, since diamonds are created billions of years ago and were used by ancient royalties or prominent people to adorn themselves, diamonds are bound to last a very long time. They are a very powerful way to symbolize the strength and prominence of a person but also a symbol of constant love and affection of a couple's love.

Diamonds that adorn the engagement rings became popular in the 15th century and the oldest engagement ring as of to date is the one owned by Dr. Moroltinger who advised the Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian in the year 1477 to have a ring set in diamond for his betrothal to Mary of Burgandy. Since then, the giving of a diamond engagement ring became popular to those couple who are aspiring to get married and it became a symbol of promise of a lifetime to each other.

Diamonds are forever not only because of what history tells us, but also because of its natural properties that surpassed almost any kind of tests. Diamonds are the hardest, gem materials, but also, they possess a luster and clarity that somehow signifies the purity of love. They are known to stand the test of time, fire, and steel diamonds stood to be fortitude for a lifelong partnership.

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