Information on Canadian Diamonds

We always hear about diamonds coming from various parts of the world, especially eastern places, such as India and Africa. However rarely do we hear about the diamond industry in Canada. Although at first the diamond industry in Canada was nil, it has since become one of the most major in the world, quite an accomplishment, especially considering that it all took place in just over two decades.

Diamond exploration in Canada began around the early 1960s, although major discoveries were not actually made until around 1980. It was in 1991 when the first ever economic diamond deposit was discovered in Canada, in the Lac de Gras area of the Northwest Territories.

Since then Canada become a major diamond producer, especially after October of 1998 when the Ekati diamond mine opened up about 300 kilometers northeast of Yellowknife, and after only a few months the mine had already produced one million carats.

The Canadian Diamonds Industry

The Canadian diamonds industry has now become a diamonds industry which is worth more than $2.0 billion in total, and it is actually one of the most major and well known diamond industries in the world. This is quite an accomplishment, especially considering that for many years, centuries ago, the thought of finding diamonds in Canada was nothing more than a prospector's dream.

Diavik is Canada's second diamond mine, and it is one which actually began production in the beginning of 2003. The average diamond production from this Canadian diamonds mine in particular is expected to peak at about six to eight million carats a year, and this is amazing, as that amount is equal to five percent of the world's total supply.

The Canadian diamonds industry is part of a larger minerals and metals industry that is one of the world's largest producers and exporters, and Canadian mining companies have truly been leading the way in terms of integrating sustainable development into their activities in the area of Canada as well as abroad.

Specifically, on the international front, some of the Canadian diamonds industry most major mining companies are currently involved in projects ranging from delivering health and water services to reintegrating workers into their communities.

The Canadian diamonds industry was definitely the most unexpected, and the overall success that it has experienced was truly never predicted, but has certainly been enjoyed, especially considering what a major role the country of Canada plays in terms of various other industries.