Apollo Synthetic Diamonds

Apollo Diamond is a company that is based in Boston who produce flawless diamonds using synthetic means. These diamonds are identical to the real variety except they cultured synthetically. Apollo offers a limited amount of diamonds which are advertised as colorless rather than the usual colored synthetic diamonds. The methods used by Apollo to produce diamonds can fool even the experts into thinking they are naturally made. Apollo also produces diamonds in the form of wafers and crystals for the nanotechnology and optoelectronics industries. A growing business that uses chemical vapor deposition to create man made authentic looking gems.

Apollo is only beginning to get into the world of gems and diamonds for the individual consumer and could help bring an end to the monopoly that the corporate diamond manufacturers have indulged in. Companies like Apollo could change the diamond market and bring an end to costly gems. The ramifications for those who deal in naturally occurring diamonds could prove to be financially back breaking but it is time for a change in this industry.

The Difference between Apollo Diamonds and the Real Thing

There is not a lot of difference between the diamonds that companies like Apollo produce compared to the natural variety. Apollo can create completely colorless and flawless diamonds which are not likely to occur naturally. Colorless or white diamonds are extremely rare and all diamonds have flaws which make them unique. Apollo diamonds will look perfect but they are not likely to be original. It is very hard for diamond dealers themselves to tell the difference and this, combined with the price, is believed by many to be the issue that could bankrupt the major diamond businesses. The diamonds made by Apollo are extremely cheap and are said to cost only a few dollars per carat to create so it stands to reason that the potential for a huge amount of profit is available for the taking.

To summarize, Apollo diamonds are inexpensive and beautiful to look at. It is hard to tell the difference between these and the real thing and they are essentially a perfected version of the natural resource. The resources of diamonds could be exhausted and not all diamonds are attractive looking while Apollo diamonds can be recreated forever as a colorless gem. The gems produced by Apollo are ridiculously cheap compared to the original so it is no wonder that many believe that these synthetic diamonds could end up replacing natural diamonds as the favorite gem.