All About Diamonds

When we want someone to feel special and we want to show it through giving them lavish material gifts, it is better to express it through giving them a piece of jewelry. Nothing could ever top a gift of jewelry, especially to girls, who are very much appreciative of them particularly the ones that are adorned or decorated with diamonds.

Thanks to the legendary Hollywood star, Marilyn Monroe, who made it popular that the diamonds are a girl's best friend so right now, diamonds are depicted to be the crème de la crème in jewelry giving. And why not, they are not simply just precious stones, diamonds have a lot of properties that are not only one-of-a-kind but also outstanding among the rest.

All About The Stone

Diamond is considered to be the hardest natural material popular to man and is the third hardest material next to aggregated diamond nanorods and ultrahard fullerite that could be seen in our planet. Because of its hardness and high dispersion of light, they make a fine and useful application most especially to the jewelry industry.

Since the ancient time, diamonds are known to be worn by the kings and queens or other prominent people in the society. Its name was derived from the Greek word, "adamas" which means invincible and has been considered a treasure when India used them as religious icons and its usage when it comes to engraving tools that also dates our human history.

Forty-nine percent of the supply of diamonds is originating from central and southern Africa but countries like Canada, Brazil, India, Russia, and Australia were also found to be great sources for this mineral. And since the beginning of 19th century, the popularity of diamonds became rampant because of its increase in supply, improved cutting and polishing techniques, innovation and successful advertising campaigns, and development of world economy.

Popular Diamonds

One of the most popular diamonds is the Star of Africa which is the largest cut in the whole world because of its size, 530.30 carats and was also named as Cullinan I. It is a pear-shaped stone that now sits on the Royal Scepter in London and was found in Africa in the year 1095.

Another popular diamond is the Koh-I-Nur which is the longest stone that was found by the Rajahs of Malwa in the 16th century by Sultan Babur but is now kept in the Tower of London.

There were many popular diamonds like the controversial Hope Diamond which was said to bring bad luck to its every owner, the legendary Excelsior, the Great Mogul, Darya-I-Nur, and the Diamond Magic. Each of them possessing their own history, their own beauty, and their own uniqueness to stun the world of its magnificence.