Bracing Yourself Financially: Orthodontic Dental Insurance

Insurance can be likened to an umbrella. When you're carrying it and if it doesn't rain it is not needed and therefore not appreciated. However, if you have it with you and it begins to rain it can be put to good use to protect you from becoming wet.

There are many types of insurance policies that are available. Some of those insurance policies include car, flood, hurricane, earthquake, life, medical, etc. Another type of insurance is dental insurance and within this type of insurance is a subcategory known as orthodontic dental insurance.

If considering taking out an orthodontic dental insurance policy it is important to be knowledgeable. Part of that knowledge begins with an understanding of orthodontic dentistry, what is an orthodontic dental insurance policy and the importance of this type of insurance.

What Is Orthodontic Dentistry

Orthodontic dentistry is that specialized segment of dentist care that concerns itself with the proper positioning of the teeth in relationship to the jaw. Through orthodontic dentistry the orthodontist endeavors to straighten the teeth that do not fit together properly. Generally, this process of straightening the teeth is accomplished by attaching braces to the teeth to ensure that they grow straight and true.

The importance of this field of dentistry is realized in that improperly positioned teeth make cleaning difficult and therefore more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, crooked teeth may lead to unneeded stress placed on the muscles used to chew. This in turn causes a chain reaction which includes problems with the TMJ, neck, back, and shoulder.

In addition to these medical challenges that can be precipitated by crooked teeth, there is another concern. That concern includes the possibility of a poor self image due to the poor appearance of misaligned teeth.

What Is Orthodontic Dental Insurance?

A typical dental insurance policy does not cover orthodontic dental work. This type of dental work is considered cosmetic. Therefore, only orthodontic dental insurance will cover the dental work that is considered orthodontic in nature. However, it is important to check your current dental policy to see if there are exclusions regarding orthodontic dental work.

Generally, the carrier of this insurance will allow the policyholder to pay monthly or yearly premiums. It is important to note that different policies will pay different percentages of the orthodontic dental bill that is accrued. These percentages may range up to 50% of the total orthodontic work. In addition, there made be yearly limits regarding how much the insurance policy will pay the dentist.

Those types of procedures that are covered by orthodontic dental insurance include the placing of braces on the teeth, use of orthodontic equipment and ongoing care surrounding orthodontic work.

The Importance Of This Type Of Insurance

An orthodontic dentistry procedure and the ongoing care is an expensive process. This expense may ultimately cost the average family thousands of dollars. This expense is due to the equipment that is used, the actual braces, the ongoing care by the orthodontist, the adjustments that will be needed during the course of this dental plan of action, x-rays, retainers, etc.

Therefore, having orthodontic dental insurance is important as it will help to cover a percentage of the costs associated with having orthodontic work accomplished.