A California Smile: Dental Insurance Plan In California

As with any state, living in California has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. In general, some of those advantages include the climate, scenic opportunities, progressive living, higher wages, etc.

However, there are disadvantages as well. One of the major disadvantages is the cost of living in California. This high cost-of-living can be seen in gasoline prices, cost of housing, cost of food, etc. In addition, a dental insurance plan in California can be very expensive.

If wishing to enroll in a dental insurance plan in California it is important to keep in mind certain considerations. Those considerations include the types of coverage available, the use of the Internet to secure a quality dental policy and associated precautions.

Types Of Coverage

As with most states, dental insurance plans in California vary and are designed to meet the particular needs of their customers. Typical insurance plans include individual, family, comprehensive, limited coverage, etc. Typically, the higher the premiums that are paid the greater the dental coverage is afforded.

A broader range of dental plans fall into two categories. Those categories include indemnity and managed-care. An indemnity type of dental insurance plan simply means that the individual may seek out and engage the dentist services of any dentist they wish. A managed care dental plan limits what dentists may be utilized.

On The Internet

One of the effective ways to shop for a dental insurance plan in California is to go online. This can be accomplished by logging on to a search engine and entering in words such as dental insurance plan in California or dental coverage policy in California, etc.

Once this has been accomplished a number of sites will be presented to the Internet user. In addition there are web sites available on the World Wide Web that have already done comparison reviews of various dental insurance plans in California.

Entering into any one of the dental plan web sites will give you an opportunity to review their policy. In addition, a preliminary application can be filled out and submitted online. By answering a few simple questions, a ballpark quote can be obtained that will give the researcher a good idea of what the dental plan will cost based on their needs.


There are many dental insurance plans in California that individuals can take advantage of when in the market for a dental insurance policy. This is due to the fact that individuals and families are beginning to see the importance of good dental care. Therefore, the major precaution regarding the purchase of a dental insurance plan in California is "buyer beware."

Although dental insurance plans in California are regulated there may be some gray area in regards to the policies that are made available. Those gray areas may be found in the small print of the policy which will define what dental procedures are covered by the policy and what procedures are not.

Also, it is important to know what percentage of the dental procedure is covered by the insurance and what the financial obligation of the policy holder is. It is also important to know what the limits of coverage are. For example a "cap" in payout maybe set at $1,000.

Another important precaution to be aware of when looking into dental insurance plans in California is the time frame of coverage. For example if work is accomplished outside of this time frame the policy holder may not be eligible for that dental work to be covered by the dental policy.